One morning in the spring of 2019 I had a dream.

I dreamt in English – which was interesting as I am a Swedish native speaking person.

I dreamt the sentence “everything comes to me (with love)”.

This sentence was still on my lips when I woke up and for me it represents the love of everything.

And by dreaming this sentence in English, I realized that I had to share my thoughts. Globally. I had to share my thoughts of how to manifest a life with love.

And not as I had done in my past. Not with hard work.

Instead I would share how to live a life by listening. By consciously breathing with love. Living a life based on self-love. And thereby based on the love to everything. Something I believe I started to do during 2019.

I hope that sharing my story will help. Help me or help someone else.

This is also the reason my instagram account is open for anyone that would like to follow my journey in life.

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