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Not the happiest piece that I have created, but this was how I felt.
Singing out my pain over a basic old school hip hop beat.
Live More: A club/dance inspired song with a message.
During spring 2019 I worked on my self-love and I created affirmations to re-program my brain.
I put some of them in my music program and this song became one that went on repeat.
It worked out great. Today I love myself more than ever!
Dream With Me: During the creation of this song I had just discovered the power of healing myself through my dreams, something I tried to capture in my studio. It has too much base, I would need to remix this one again, but here it is anyway.. Contains a sample of one of my favorite hip-hop tracks one minute into the song.
Vad Fan Gör Jag Nu: This one is still slightly difficult to listen to but I is an important song in my healing journey. I created it a few weeks after that Annika passed away. It is in Swedish and I ask myself “what the hell I should do now”.

I have always done music. I got my first trumpet, which is hanging on the wall in my studio, when I was six years old. I played trumpet in six years, but at the age of 12 I decided to move into electronic music.

I first got a synthesizer and then saved a few years to buy my first sampler when I was 16. This was 1993 and I moved from home into a dorm in Uppsala. Here I spent most of my time and my sampler was never off. I created music as soon I had some time to do it. I listened to hip-hop and soul, but the music I played around with myself when I was creating it at my dorm was mostly techno. I believed this was the genre where I could be most successful.

1996 I upgraded to an all-digital music studio that I played around with for a couple of years. My songs was played on the radio and I started to make some money, but one thing led to another and in 1998 I sold the studio as I decided to focus all my money and effort into Boardzone. You can read about that adventure here.

But I never stopped making music. In 2001 i bought the first version of Reason, a software synth that was brilliant. All it required was a computer and maybe also a midi-keyboard. I then worked on different songs that was played in different context, helping friends out with their projects. I also made some loops for multimedia projects at work. Then for some years nothing much happened. I did music every second year or so.

After the passing of my wife in 2018 I went back to my music. I used it to sing out my sorrow and pain. I started experimenting again. I started playing around with different genres and I also added my voice. Something I was too scared to do before. Now I just had to get everything out.

Life is a loop. Like many of my songs. And now I am back, posting some of my new music on soundcloud.

“To be aware, is to be alive.” – Grandmaster flash. (From an interview in Swedish radio show “Soul corner”, 1990s)

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