I am not alone. It is believed that one of 100 have this condition, but for most of us, it is never really identified, until it is too late.

I was lucky that I got to know my condition. But at the same time I became aware of a limitation. A risk. A threat to my life. And suddenly I was no longer who I used to be.

I was someone that perhaps would no longer make it until tomorrow.

But in reality, there was no change. It was just me being aware of my own mortality in a different way than before.

I am today holding my heart in my hand several times per day. My heart carries all my love, and I need to love it back. I believe that we cannot teach our hearts anything, but our hearts can teach us everything. If we listen.

The doctors can reinforce my aorta, but then they need to fix my heart at the same time, and if they fix my heart and the surgery is successful, I will be on medications for rest of my life, medications that will limit my life quality.

There is also an expected limit of duration, where the heart will fail – or my body will fail as a result of the medication.

To make a long story short – after a surgery with the currently known methods that are available in Sweden, there are expected complications over time, and my lifetime after surgery will be impacted.

I will no be as old as a “normal” person.