So I made a choice. I will wait with surgery for now.

I love my life and I want to live it fully. And I have a great feeling that my dedication of the healing of myself will give me some extra time where I can find an alternative method for surgery, something that hopefully will give me a longer life instead of the opposite.

I now I am healing my body. I am healing my spirit. And I am having fun on the way doing it. The start of my healing journey has turned out to be the best decision of my life.

In the process, I have learned that I am also dedicated to the healing of all the hearts that does not have someone else speaking for them.

I have studied images of different hearts to understand where my challenges are – to be able to include positive thoughts and creating a mental picture of the healing of my heart in my daily meditations.

Modern medicine teach that surgery is the only way to impact my heart condition. I am myself on the other hand convinced that positive feelings and projections do make a difference.

And when we learn to communicate with our hearts, then it is obvious that living with love is the only way to live.