The pain in my heart did not come from the heart condition tough. The doctors believed it was stress related only and that it should go away. But it did not. I still feel my heart.

When I don’t live according to my highest standards, I get instant pain. This happens when I’m filled with anger, when I’m stressed or when I don’t tell the truth, meaning I cannot longer hide my feelings.

Anger feels like getting stabbed. Sorrow or stress or not speaking the truth of my feelings feels like piling off a scab of some huge unhealed burn.

Before 2019 I would never have shared a photo of me doing nothing, just feeling great about myself. What would people think? Now I don’t mind to.. If it resonates with my heart, then it is what I am supposed to do.

I can no longer hide from myself and I cannot live as I used to.

Or.. I still do sometimes based on old habits and fear that I have not yet released, but then my heart reminds me. Life has chosen to direct me into being a better version of me. And when I am not, my heart lets me know.

It is booth the strangest thing that has happened to me and a blessing meant to save my life.

If I never had this pain, I would never checked myself. And I would probably never felt my life purpose as I do now. I would have ended up dead without appreciating life to the fullest and without telling my story.