Instead of just living my life in a linear mindset, I am now learning to breath my life with consciousness.

I believe that all of our hearts speak to us, and I believe most of us just are not aware, as we don’t know how to listen. OR we choose not to.

So I tell you my story to share my light. To provide hope. And to let you know that we all should learn to know our hearts.

My doctor warned me to not lift too heavy, so I am careful. But I do work out daily in my small gym at home where I spend a couple of hours every day. Other than building resilience, working out is also a great mental boost and has become a super important step in my healing journey.

To heal myself, I created a schedule containing daily work out, daily reading, daily meditation and daily creation either by writing, creating music or renovating my home.

I am now in the best physical condition I have ever been. Ever! My joint pain is almost gone. My back pain is not as bad as it was before. My restless legs are no longer restless. All this is a huge advantage compared with before.

When doing my daily meditation I speak to my heart and fill it with light. I tell my heart that I love it.

As a result, have fallen in love with me. I am in love with myself.

In beginning of my healing I experienced several sensations. I felt that my mind got upgraded. I became alive. I started to see colors differently. I connected with my thoughts in a way that I never before had experienced.