I am grateful.

I’m now aware of the power of choosing energy that makes me grow and expand. That makes me think and believe in beautiful thoughts.

I’m now aware of that failing is just a word. I know this before, but I never really felt it in my body. Now I do.

I’m learning to be not too hard on myself. I realize that I’m still a human in flesh and blood. We all are. And every day I ask to be a better, more connected version of myself.

At home, I have the best teacher om them all when it comes to live a loving life from the heart. My son bless me with so much beautiful energy that I live in true abundance.

I am also more aware of creating boundaries with love to ensure that I limit negative energy entering my space.

From TV. From radio. From Internet. From others. From my own ego trying to remind me of old me.

Not that I am so much different now.

But I have learned that I am actually worth loving myself.

And this is a huge difference.